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Today: Success - Hello Stream of Unconciousness [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Apparently She's Easy

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Today: Success [Sep. 23rd, 2013|09:24 pm]
Apparently She's Easy
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Today, I accomplished all of the things on my list. I taught, held office hours, went to the copy shop to pick up tomorrow's packets, bought a printer (yay!) and a can opener (which is shit!), and cooked real food for dinner. The first print job was an 80-page monster, but it makes me happy because now I can scribble all over it. And for dinner, once I finally got the damn can open, I heated up the duck thighs, and then once most of the fat had melted, switched them to another pan and stuck carrots and potatoes into the fat to simmer for an hour. It was delicious.

Of course, this now means that all of my dishwashing from yesterday has been undone, which is most unfortunate. Upside, I have leftovers.

Yesterday was only partially successful. To be fair though, there was an awful lot of unexpected Skype time. And most of the things I didn't get done off of yesterday's list, like finishing revising my fellowship application, I got done today.

Tomorrow, I teach (boo), hit the copy shop with one more sheet that I didn't correct in time for today, hit the theatre to plan out the schedule for the next three months, and want to hit the post office to mail things to people, since I'm about a week behind on that, with a skype call at 10 to wrap things up. Ideally, I will behave myself when I get home and spend at least an hour on thesising, and if I'm really good, an hour on the next set of applications that are due.

It helped that today was sunny and warm and did not involve dealing with bureaucracy. Now if only there was a fairy to wash my dishes for me.