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Today has been...productive thus far? [Oct. 14th, 2013|07:22 pm]
Apparently She's Easy
It's 7:15. Soup is simmering in the pot. After I went to the grocery store to get things for it. After I played online for an hour. After I got home from being at school until 4 because I let 9 kids take the quiz today instead of tomorrow, since tomorrow is a holiday. During which time, I graded all of their homework that was turned in last week.

There are still an infinite number of things I should do. Like fold the sheets on the end of the bed. Wash the dishes. Try and write on my thesis. Try and revise my AAUW app (especially since I kind of need it polished by tomorrow when I'm supposed to ask an advisor for a letter of rec. Hrm. Definitely better do that one.). But right now I'm hungry, and also impressed with myself for actually getting my butt up and cooking something, and not much inclined to do those things.

See? Cooking!

So I will let it cook, and then I will eat, and then I will edit. Like a boss.